Favorite new natural products

Natural Products Expo East

Here are some of my favorite products to look out for!


ASI tea uses the local native holly plant which is closely related to Yerba Mate. It has caffeine (well, technically a caffeine like alkaloid) so it has a kick. One of the things which is fun about this product is that they are cleverly avoiding the botanical name, which is Ilex vomitoria for good reason. It's great to see a plant which is underused get out there a bit more.


These grain-free cassava tortilla chips made the avocado oil are amazing as both grain free foods but, more importantly,  up against any tortilla chips. They are crispy and light and have a delicious flavor.


Chocti is a date-based creamy chocolate spread made with dark cocoa and ghee -- no refined sugars. It's incredibly luscious and I think it would be amazing on fruit.


A new kombucha product wasn't the thing I thought I would write about since there are about 50 vendors at the Expo. But this early grey cayenne one blew my mind. I just want a tap of it at my house.


Not only was the idea of a portable-drink-on-the-go gazpacho a great idea it was also some of the better gazpacho I have tasted. This one was garlicky and just so fresh tasting. I would buy this when I was out and about and needed a snack.


Not new to me but one of my favorite products at the moment. It's just sparkling water with fruit. Not fruit flavor like La Croix, but actual pressed fruit and just a tiny bit of it. The raspberry lime has about 6 raspberries added to it, it's not sweetened otherwise, and has a twist of lime. It's a great product of brilliant simplicity.


Miyoko's vegan cashew pub cheese line was by far my #1 favorite new item at the show. It's made from fermented cashews and could hold it's own with any similar dairy product if not win by far. And I love cheese and I eat cheese. It was umami, pungent, creamy, and wonderful.

I hope you found something new which you can try!

Bevin Clare