Best natural food products from Expo East 2019

This year we braved the crowds and CBD salad croutons to try all of the things at the annual Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MD. While I try to make it every year this was the first year I have ever taken the kids. Besides being adequate Sherpa of samples, they also were surprisingly discerning consumers and very much the target audience for a lot of the products there. I’d honestly guess we tasted and tried products from close to 500 vendors (!!!).

Every year has trends and this year we saw a ton of CBD products which were totally off the wall. Everything keto and paleo (at least a dozen paleo cookie companies alone)

This is our completely subjective list of our favorite food products we tried while we were there. They aren’t in any particular order. I’d love to provide links and while that didn’t happen, I’m sure they are all easy to find online.

Here we go!

Bevin Clare