Herbal medicine is the highly complex biochemical conversation between people and plants used in health and healing.

As herbalists, we facilitate this conversation through our understanding of the composition of plants and how they work in the body.

It isn’t often easy to navigate the complexity of this relationship, especially within the parameters of the contemporary healthcare context, but as a consultant and educator, I can help you and your audience understand the modern world of herbal medicine while retaining the connections we have had to medicinal plants for millennia.

Weather it is the application of medicinal plants in the healthcare environment where you need to focus on safety parameters and the evidence base, or you’re looking to implement traditional uses and preparations of herbal medicines into your clinic, I can present creative methods and contextual guidance to allow your patients safer and better quality herbal experiences.

If you’re ready to go deeper and broaden your herbal knowledge and offerings, my areas of specialty include:

  • Integration of medicinal plants into a primary care environment.

  • Understanding herbal medicine and safety for the pharmacist.

  • Navigating the modern evidence base and the science for traditional herbalists and herb schools without losing what we love most about herbal medicine.

  • Immune and infectious disease health and herbal medicine.

  • Presentations of a wide variety of specific topics in herbal medicine

  • Herbal medicine and underserved populations and how to promote and ensure access to herbs for all people.